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Mophie Wireless Car Charger

The mophie charge stream travel bundle kit wireless charging pad and wall car cable are the perfect combination for your car. The charging pad can be placed in any where you want it to be close to your device. The cable is long and easy to use, being able to power your device even in difficult or dark areas. Finally, the car cable is perfect for long journeys.

Mophie Wireless Car Charger Amazon

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Mophie Wireless Car Charger Ebay

The mophie snap wireless vent mount with magsafe charging 15w-black is an excellent product for carrying vouchers or charges battery powered devices while on the go. It is made with a sturdy build and can be attached to a vehicle with just a few quick clicks. the mophie wireless car charger is a must-have for any car that wants to stay charged when it's time for work. This car charger comes with a travel kit that includes all the necessary tools and tools to make your car charging experience better. This car charger offers usb-c and car charger plugs for a wide range of vehicles. The charger has a mophie logo and up to 4 devices can be charged at the same time. the mophie car charger is a great option for those who love to travel. The powerstation go is perfect for jump starting your car, and can also be used to charge your devices while you drive.