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2ds Car Charger

The 2dsi car charger is for the new 3ds car charger. Perfect for the 2d and 3d devices that live in the car. The 3dsi and 3d card are still compatible, the 2dsi car charger is also great for carrying around chargers for those extra times you need to get up and running with a new device.

Nintendo Ds Car Charger

Nintendo's digital console, the nintendo ds, comes with a small but powerful battery, so you can stay connected even when the power goes out. Not only does the nintendo ds have a great battery, but it also has a car charger. So you can stay connected even when you're not available to play your console again.

Ds Car Charger

The new dsi xl and dsi xl 2ds 3ds xl have a new car charger! This allows you to charge your new 2ds and 3ds devices at the same time. The 28fl package includes the dsi xl 2ds 3ds xl, which provides up to 28fl of power for your devices! This is perfect for charging up your new 2ds and 3ds devices at the same time. the nintendo dsi xl 2- ds lite2- carrying cases24- games2+chargers! Is the perfect accessory for your nintendo dsi xl 2- ds lite2- carrying case. This accessories includes a 2-pack of chargers and cases for your device, as well as a retail box and product number. this 12v car charger cord adapter for nintendo 3ds 2ds dsi ndsi xl ll. Is for use with devices that require a 12v power outlet. The cable is easy to use and connect to your device, allowing you to stay connected to your home or office while you work. the 2ds car charger is a 3rd generation or xl2ds-xl2ds-dc12v adapter that is tested to 12 volts. It is a standard car charger and can charge the 3ds 2ds and 3ds 2ds2ds3ds-xl2ds-xl. The 3ds2ds3ds-xl2ds-dc12v adapter is not tested to 12 volts and is not included with the product.